Sky blue silk with white/black highlights

Suitable for both a corporate or evening suit

Wear with  black | navy suit

White shirt

Stylish solid baby blue with silver diagonal striping

A youthful look to any suit

Wear with charcoal | black | grey suit

White | baby blue shirt

Ice blue with a light shimmer 

A great tie for that special occassion

Wear with black | charcoal | chocolate suit

White | ice blue | black | musk shirt

Solid royal blue tie

Subtle & traditional cross hatched embossing

Wear with a navy blue | black suit

White | black | sky blue shirt

Solid soft musk tie

This tie is beautifully patterned with hatched detail

Wear with black | charcoal | navy suit

White | musk | black shirt

Solid black tie with subtle detail

You mean business!

Wear with black | charcoal | brown suit

White | black shirt

Radiant silver silk with fine black lines

Perfect for any occassion

Wear with black suit

White | black shirt

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